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Keys by Code - File Cabinets & Desks
Keys by code are no problem for Hill's Bros. Lock & Safe. Desks, file cabinets, refridgerator handles, truck tool boxes, padlocks, and cabinet locks. Check to see if there is a small code number on the face of the lock, you may want to call in the number to check if it is a valid code. Many code series may show up for the same number, in which case we try to eliminate the most uncommon and choose an appropriate series.  Most keys by code for cabinets ect... are $5.00, automotive $10.00. 

Please note that whenever we make a key by code to an automotive ignition we will require proof of ownership of the vehicle.

Worn Keys
Using our computer operatedcode cutting machines we are able to cut you a key by code based on factory specifications.
We ship UPS daily. Put your key by code order in today recieve it tomorrow! 

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