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The Lock Museum of Orange County has one of the largest collections of handcuffs, leg iron and restraints south of the Mississippi. The collection includes parts of Houdinis' collection, and many pieces from the "Great Reno's" collection. (The Great Reno was an escape artist, much like Houdini, during the late 1920's. There are many "torture" items - like leg irons or neck cuffs with spikes protruding from them.

Top: A piece once owned by Houdini. The three handcuff pieces from the Houdini collection we own, all have a bar in-between each cuff, thus holding his hands apart making it more difficult to use both hands in unison.

Left Center: You will see an arm and neck cuff. Worn around the neck this item sticks out so as both arms are held in front of is captor, then padlocked. MOST UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!


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