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No more missed customers!!! Never be startled by someone at your front door again! Versatile, battery operated Motion Detectors are always on guard, ready to transmit a wireless signal to a nearby Receiver/Annunciator upon detection of motion The Optex Wireless Sensor Annunciator System give to time to prepare for guests or customers, as well as for unwelcome visitors. This unique system is ideal for use in the home or business, indoors or out,effectively providing convenience and peace of mind.

How it works...The sensor detects the body; temperature of approaching visitors/intruders and then in turn, transmits radio frequency signals to the Receiver(s) RC-2, RS-2. The Receiver then sounds an audible warning to inform the user that someone is in the area.

The wireless drive up announcer from Optex - The outdoor PIR transmitter (model TN-2) transmit the radio signal 70 feet away to the 3 zone identifiable receiver chime (model RC-2). No wires to run. Installs in minutes. Transmitter operates on 3 AA batteries and will last approximately two years if the unit is activated 500 times per day.




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